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The Musician's Insider

Launched May 2021, our first guests included: Steve Thompson, Mega Producer (see his credits which include Metallica and GNR and you’ll quickly get the idea), Chris BroganMoses Avalon and Rachel Mullins, Catfish Comstock, Karen Bliss, and more!

Our FIRST guest on the inaugural episode of ‘The Musician’s Insider’ was mega tech insider and ‘futurist’ Robert Scoble. We discuss AI, Security, the future of music and all things nerdy in this inaugural podcast! Look for Robert in Season 2 after Valentine's day 2022!



Aug 11, 2021

Episode 13:

Aaron Kronis interviews Karen Bliss, a Journalist and Philanthropist who's interviewed everyone from Larry King, to Metallica. Watch and listen for tips from Karen and Aaron about becoming a successful artist in 2021.

Learn about and a few other cool things like and several artists...

Aug 6, 2021

Episode 12 - Chance LaBrie talks with Aaron Kronis about his band Falset and some of his interesting experiences growing up with Dream Theater. 

Jul 28, 2021

S1.E11 - Graham Machacek Podcast KRONIS The Musician's Insider

Hear Graham Machacek, the Lead Vocalist of THERMOclinE, reminisce and talk with Aaron Kronis about advice for new musicians and more!
We really had a lot of fun shooting this one!

Graham's Band in Ottawa, Nevermind the...

Jul 21, 2021

S1. E.10- Camille Stone - The Musician's Insider Podcast

Today we speak with Camille Stone about Art, working in a gig economy and transitioning into fully remote e-commerce type of work situations, while never forgetting about the art and the music!


Jul 14, 2021

On this week's podcast, KRONIS interviews actor and friend Ryan Tracy about what it's like to move to Los Angeles to pursue an Acting career and more.