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KRONIS | July 6, 2022

So, I’m going to focus some new efforts on getting Season 2 of The Musician’s Insider Podcast rolling again. I’ve had a few delays due to relocation locally, so now I want to stay put and start creating content again.


What’s crazy, is that locally, I fell into running Karaoke – then hurt my neck and have been making sure I can be available to run it Thursday nights. At least I’m doing something with music at the only place in town. It’s also fun!

I think I need to repurpose a bit of content, so maybe I can figure that out now that I’m settled for the moment.

Against The World - KRONISNew Album – Against The World

ALBUM? currently planning to drop the album in Sept if all things are setup appropriately.. more on that soon.

Looking for a few more podcast guests to round out this season, hopefully I can get some of the folks on who have indicated interest already. If you are INTERESTED in coming on ‘The Musician’s Insider’, just drop me a line aaron @


I’m going to start posting more products, for now I have a T-shirt – KRONIS AGAINST THE WORLD, available with funds being used to support the release of the album.

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