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My CD Release Journey… Part ONE of many many more

KRONIS | May 22, 2022
Against The World - KRONIS

(READ PART 2) As I’m an INDIE artist about to release my record, AGAINST THE WORLD, I thought I would chronicle the hell and fun that is about to be endured….

where to begin.. OK

Well, I went LIVE on TikTok as I do Saturdays at 6pm, EVERY Saturday.. this being only my 2nd time going live as it took a little while to get 1000 followers to https://TikTok/@KRONISOFFICIAL . So I, finally download the live video from Saturday (Creators know how this can take some time!) and when I uploaded it… MUTED due to copyright.

WHAT~!??? it’s my song.


Well, I’ll tell you. I was in AWAL and unreleased everything….. now my album will officially come out in 2022.. however the content matching algorithm everywhere has already been unleashed. Why did I Leave AWAL? (it was impossible to professionally release anything with them in a coordinated way.. none of the ‘pipes were properly connected’ and it was a mess, their support was awful and now they’ve been acquired by SONY!) As it was March 2020 when all of this was occurring, you can see that the ‘indeterminate near future / pandemic woes’ were well upon us all and we had NO IDEA when live shows were coming back.

I lived for 10 years in LOS ANGELES, but in March 2020, I came BACK TO CANADA to be near family during the pandemic, so now, being in CANADA again, so much has changed and I have to start over!

Follow me for more as I go on this journey,

I started up this Podcast during the Pandemic and will be posting more of SEASON 2 episodes regularly now. It’s been a bit of a struggle trying to figure out where to focus, but it’s been great attending ‘Indie Week‘ this past week (out of toronto, but global and now fully online / virtual) – I was impressed with the fact that the entire conference was on the ‘Whova’ app, and I was able to listen to sessions while traveling / driving or at home on the laptop where I could take notes. – Breakout sessions were helpful too as it was nice to chat with those in the conference via zoom without feeling like there were 50 + people on the line.



Written by KRONIS


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