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The Musician's Insider

Launched May 2021, our first guests included: Steve Thompson, Mega Producer (see his credits which include Metallica and GNR and you’ll quickly get the idea), Chris BroganMoses Avalon and Rachel Mullins, Catfish Comstock, Karen Bliss, and more!

Our FIRST guest on the inaugural episode of ‘The Musician’s Insider’ was mega tech insider and ‘futurist’ Robert Scoble. We discuss AI, Security, the future of music and all things nerdy in this inaugural podcast! Look for Robert in Season 2 after Valentine's day 2022!



Jul 14, 2023

Step into the captivating world of The Musician's Insider Season 2, Episode 6, as we delve into the extraordinary talents of Pat Irwin, the renowned musician and composer. Join us as we explore the depths of his musical genius and uncover the secrets behind his remarkable career.

Prepare to be transported to the nostalgic realm of 90's Nickelodeon cartoons as Pat Irwin eagerly anticipates the release of the long-awaited score soundtrack of Joe Murray's beloved animated series, Rocko's Modern Life. Set to launch on April 7th via Nickelodeon Records, fans will have the opportunity to delve into the musical tapestry that underpins the adventures of their favorite anthropomorphic Aussie Immigrant wallaby, Rocko, and his lovable friends. Notably, the show's theme song was performed by Pat's band at the time, the B-52's, adding an extra layer of musical brilliance.

Pat's contributions to the Rocko universe have earned him accolades from music enthusiasts and devoted fans of 90's cartoons alike. In their book, The Cartoon Music Book, authors Daniel Goldmark and Charles L. Granada aptly describe Pat as a composer who effortlessly bridges musical genres and generations. They acknowledge his ability to uphold the vaudeville/Stalling tradition of pastiche and interpolation while staying connected to the avant-garde and pop music of the time, evident in his masterful scoring of Nickelodeon's Rocko's Modern Life.

Beyond Rocko, Pat Irwin's illustrious career boasts an impressive repertoire. From his work on Dexter: New Blood and Netflix's The Good Cop to Showtime's Nurse Jackie, But I'm a Cheerleader, and SpongeBob, Pat's compositions have left an indelible mark on various mediums. Currently, he continues to captivate audiences as he performs and tours with the ambient country rock band, SUSS. Additionally, Pat shares his wealth of knowledge and passion for composition with eager students at Brooklyn College.