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The Musician’s Insider Podcast

The Musician's Insider Podcast w/ KRONIS
Launched May 2021, our guests include: Steve Thompson, Mega Producer (see his credits which include Metallica and GNR and you’ll quickly get the idea), Chris Brogan, Moses Avalon and Rachel Mullins, Musician Catfish Comstock, Chris Moore, Ryan Tracy. On the inaugural episode of ‘The Musician’s Insider’ is mega tech insider and ‘futurist’ Robert Scoble. We discuss AI, Security, the future of music and all things nerdy in this inaugural podcast!

S2. E2 – Darryl Hurs – Indie Week 

Episode 2, Season, 2. Darryl talks about the education conference that helps connect artists with each other and has been part of creating a a solid online space for artists to connect. 

Indie Week



Chance & Zach from Falset speak to Aaron about the latest tour with Dream Theater and the upcoming Album, “Monarch”





Click HERE for Season 1, Episode #1

S1. E.13 (POSTING ON Wed August 11th, 2021) – Karen Bliss – The Musician’s Insider Podcast
Episode 13:

Aaron Kronis interviews Karen Bliss, a Journalist and Philanthropist who’s interviewed everyone from Larry King, to Metallica. Watch and listen for tips from Karen and Aaron about becoming a successful artist in 2021. Learn about and a few other cool things like and several artists you may not have heard of.

S1. E.12 – Chance LaBrie of Falset – The Musician’s Insider Podcast with KRONIS
Episode 12: Chance LaBrie and Aaron Kronis discuss all things Falset, some Dream Theater and more advice for new artists out there trying to still have a band in a sea full of DJs these days!



S1. E.11- Graham Machacek – The Musician’s Insider Podcast
Episode 11: Hear Graham Machacek, the Lead Vocalist of THERMOclinE, reminisce and talk with Aaron Kronis about advice for new musicians and more! We really had a lot of fun shooting this one! Lots of good discussions and this one went a little longer then the others!

Be sure to check out Graham’s band in Ottawa,

Nevermind the Damage at

S1. E.10- Camille Stone – The Musician’s Insider Podcast
Episode 10: Camille Stone – Today we speak with Camille Stone about Art, working in the gig economy and transitioning into fully remote e-commerce type of work situations, while never forgetting about the art and the music!

Instagram: Camille_the_creatrix
Links Mentioned:
FB Group: The Band of the Misguided

S1. E9 – Ryan Tracy, Actor on moving to Los Angeles to pursue a career in film and voiceover


*** CANADA DAY ALERT *** There will be no podcast today, see you next Wednesday!

Episode 08 – Session drummer Chris Moore gives advice to new and existing drummers and tells us some road stories

After playing 200 shows at 100 different cities before the pandemic in the RockofAges tour, Chris Moore [WEBSITE:] talks with KRONIS about the state of the music industry and how he’s been able to record remotely, as he did on my track before the pandemic…but now it has become a necessity and he’s glad he was ahead of the game on that one!

Episode 07 – Mega-Producer Steve Thompson talks advice for new artists and how he got started

Mega Producer Steve Thompson, speaks to Aaron about advice for new musicians and how he got started out as a DJ eventually moving up to producer with 7 Grammy awards and more credits than you would ever believe.

See Steve’s incredible DISCOGRAPHY!

Episode 06 – Andrew Lamarche – Ex-THERMOclinE pro Session Drummer


On our first ‘In Person Podcast Interview‘ since the pandemic, we are excited to introduce our old friend Andrew Lamarche who is a professional session player in Ottawa, Canada who plays all over the country and continent with different acts such as David Gogo and more. Andrew was THERMOclinE’s drummer in 1999-2002ish and here we catch up as it has been some time since KRONIS has been back in the Ottawa region.

Episode 05 – Catfish Comstock – Cyborg Assassins, NFTs, SEO & Guitars!
Episode 5 – Hear about the newest music from the Cyborg Assassins



Episode 04 – Chris Brogan – The BackPack Show, Keynote Speaker and yes, much more!

Episode 4 


Episode 03 – Rachel Ann Mullins – Producer, Host, Actress and more!

Episode 3


Episode 02 – Moses Avalon, Music Industry Advocate, Author, Producer and Cigar Lounge Creator

Episode 2

Episode 01 – Robert Scoble, Futurist (Podcast Episode Page)

Episode 1