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The Musician's Insider

Launched May 2021, our first guests included: Steve Thompson, Mega Producer (see his credits which include Metallica and GNR and you’ll quickly get the idea), Chris BroganMoses Avalon and Rachel Mullins, Catfish Comstock, Karen Bliss, and more!

Our FIRST guest on the inaugural episode of ‘The Musician’s Insider’ was mega tech insider and ‘futurist’ Robert Scoble. We discuss AI, Security, the future of music and all things nerdy in this inaugural podcast! Look for Robert in Season 2 after Valentine's day 2022!



Jun 23, 2021

Mega Producer Steve Thompson, speaks to Aaron about advice for new musicians and how he got started out as a DJ eventually moving up to producer with 7 Grammy awards and more credits than you would ever believe. See Steve's incredible discography here:

Jun 16, 2021

On today's very special episode of the Musician's Insider, Aaron speaks to his friend and old bandmate in THERMOclinE (Ottawa, Canada) the amazing ANDREW LAMARCHE.

Visit to see his latest projects and gear!

THERMOclinE's Vacant lot (VideoFACT / Sony / Stamina/Sour 2000)

Jun 9, 2021

On today's episode of the Musician's Insider, Aaron interviews Catfish Comstock, an SEO, Musician and friend.

Aaron first ran into Catfish through the SEO community years back. Learn all about Catfish's project Cyborg Assassins:

As mentioned on the podcast, the Pre-Save Link for...

Jun 2, 2021

S1. E4. Chris Brogan

On today's episode of the Musician's Insider, KRONIS interviews Chris Brogan
Of Chris Brogan Media Services.

Aaron first discovered Chris speaking as a Keynote at one of several search engine conferences and again at PubCon.
Learn all about Chris and his marketing knowledge and watch his ‘The...